Because although it sits in the seismic geology of the Ionian arc, it’s in a more stable part of the earth’s crust. Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 05:27 pm . Definitely, it is an island that you must visit. If you're up for an adventure, it's easy to beach hop. The dominant tree is the olive tree, seconded by citrus fruit trees. It was the birthplace for many Royals of Europe, i.e. Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands. Domenikos Padovas (1817-1892), Spyros Xindas (1814-1896), and Spyros Samaras (1861-1917). Iakovos Polylas from Corfu. You can still see the ship-shaped rock out in the harbor today. You can take a boat, of course, but if you're anything like me, you might get seasick. Due to this, the Prefecture separated again into four(4) municipalities: 1)The Metropolitan Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian islands (Population 68.500). Gerasimos Markoras from Kefalonia. Named Othoni, Mathraki, and Erikoussa, known as the Diapontian islands. The resorts of Benitses and Agios Gordios lie opposite each other, where the island is... A stroll through the old part of town in the evening once the visitors have... On an island like Corfu, with huge rainfall and rich and inexhaustible water table, one... Roman remains are not something many visitors associate with Corfu, but traveling around you can... Wow amazing island . Since the Egnatia highway built it is accessible by car from residents of Northern Greece too. People not only struck up small talk, we also had true conversations with each other. Some crossing to Corfu in over an hour. Ancient Korkyra took part in the Battle of Sybota which was a catalyst for the Peloponnesian War, and, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time. An amazing land unmatched in natural beauty. Wander the streets and see the Church of Saint Spyridon with its tall red-domed bell tower. In recent years Corfu has become one of the favorite destinations for Greek tourists too. And the island has produced world-renowned personalities accomplished in many different spheres. I believe there are times when you save and times when you splurge. I found most beaches had ample, clearly marked parking. This small monastery provides a great view of the island and a haven away from the noise of Corfu town. Which includes the original municipal units of Corfiots, Achilleion, Paleokastriton, Feakon, and Parelion. It was a vital part of the powerful maritime state of Venice when the rest of Greece was under Ottoman oppression. The sound of the waves falling softly onto the sand. Paleokastritsa is said to be the place where Odysseus met the princess Nausicaa after the sea god Poseidon turned his ship to stone. No trip to Greece is complete without some Greek yogurt, honey, olive oil, and salad. Also the greenest island with dense vegetation. They were in constant quarrels with “Germanist” Kalomiris who accused them of the Ionian music being related to the Italian. Photos by Pascal Debrunner, hp Koch, and Ijon Tichy on Unsplash. Seafood is a staple, but some of the famous Corfu dishes are “Bourdeto”, which is usually served with scorpion fish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and potatoes. To the south, you can visit and enjoy the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. I loved strolling the streets (frozen yogurt in hand) to feel as the sun’s heat slowly evaporated. Green mountains in contrast to deserted sandy beaches reminiscent of the Sahara. Wander the ancient streets of the Roman village of Kassiopi or explore the central Esplanade of the eponymous Corfu Town. The city has three main philharmonic societies. Take a closer look at the top attractions in Corfu in order to understand all that this Greek island has in store. I especially loved the wine pairings along with the variety of cuisine. Corfu island is many more and can offer a great quality of living as a permanent home. One of the best ways to truly see the island of Corfu is to rent a boat. 2)The municipality of the North(Population 17.200). Gouvia Marina – While this isn't a beach, it's a marina for lots of gorgeous boats, shops, restaurants, and a great place to relax. Crete, a much bigger island is 5,179 (8,336 square kilometers) and Corfu is 225 miles (585.3 km²). A former Greek prime minister was Corfiot George Theotokis. Georgios Terchetis and Andreas Kalvos from Zakynthos. Discover our guide to 57 beautiful Corfu beaches. If you've been traveling for a while, like I have, these things really stand out. The blog is useful to every potential visitor to Corfu and Greece. We went to Kos last year and found KT not too big … During the months between, temperatures vary according to season. With the help of this blog I have become a full time traveler and life liver. I've never before put a hotel on a list of “things to do” in any of my seven years of blogging, but this hotel is something special. Sunrock is a low-key, relaxed place, … Traditional dishes from Corfu that we would like to suggest you are Sofrito (veal cooked in wine sauce, garlic and … Located just a few miles south of Corfu's old town, MarBella offers you breathtaking views of the sea, spa options, nightly entertainment, all done sensibly and luxuriously. Find out everything about your holidays in Corfu on our travel guide! Yes, the one played during the open and closing ceremonies of every Olympic games. But Corfu is a little bit different. Last updated on January 30th, 2021 at 08:44 pm. This “German” school finally prevailed in Greece. These can be found in the Mediterranean and further away too. Here the highest peak is Troumpeta at 600 meters. Its history is full of battles and conquests. I've got 11 reasons to travel to Corfu, Greece that will make you want to pack up your swimsuits and hit the island. From the port of Igoumenitsa on the mainland, there is a very frequent modern ferry service. All influences have left their marks. And one that everyone should come to at least once in their life. It is the westmost part of Greece. Since 2018 we have another administrative reform called “Cleisthenes”. Answer 1 of 3: Has anyone been to Kos Town as well as Corfu Town and can compare the two in size? With 247 spacious and well designed rooms, this beautiful all-inclusive hotel in Glyfada is perfectly located for a range of outings on your next beach holiday in Corfu, including natural sights, traditional vineyards and one of the most stunning old towns in the Med all within a short drive. Khufu's name. Arguably the most beautiful of the churches on the island of Corfu … The flight from most European airports takes between two to three and a half hours. Especially in the old town which is actually an extremely beautiful miniature of Venice without the channels. Corfu International Airport (CFU) Ioannis Kapodistrias is located about 3 kilometers south of Corfu Town, half a mile north of Pontikonisi. Sitting in the North of the Ionian Sea, Corfu in Greece is strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English and for this reason has a cosmopolitan, … Because of this, the Prefecture of Corfu became one municipality. The only Greek kastropolis (a city surrounded by the walls of the two fortresses). Although its big history, Kassiopi combines also a wide range of modern facilities such as waterskiing and paragliding, as well as a diving centre, where you have the opportunity for lessons and dive excursions for both adults and children ,tennis courts, swimming pools and … Traditional dishes prepared with minced meat are the Bifteki (big meat ball filled with cheese, onions and peppers and then grilled), the Mousakas (different layers of potatoes, eggplants and cream) and the Papoutsakia (eggplants cooked in oven and filled with cheese). Its highest peak is Pantokrator (914 meters). Guide to 57 beaches. A single person estimated monthly costs are 881.52$ (726.76€) without rent. Rest assured, I have you covered. And I did stay in other locations in Corfu that claimed to be 5-star. Even if you don't have a boat license you can rent a boat and, for a reasonable price, cruise around Corfu. This is happily not the case at MarBella. The municipalities of Corfiots, Achilleion, Thinalion, Lefkimi, Korrision, Paleokastriton, Melitieon, Saint George, Esperion, Feakon, Kassopaion, and Parelion. The city offers many attractions and monuments that need days to explore and admire. Two more museums in the rural area are the sea museum in Benitses and the museum of olives in the village of Kynopiastes. One of my main complaints in Europe is that it's so hard to find a place to park. MarBella Corfu is hands down one of the best resorts I've ever stayed in. For a DIY spa experience, lather yourself in mineral mud on the shore of the Canal D’Amour. The Esplanade or Spianada is the central square of Corfu and a meeting place for... During the era of the British rule in Corfu, High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adams in... Angelokastro was the westernmost outpost of the Byzantine Empire and the Despotate of Epirus to... Corfu offers, and always offered, a vivid nightlife. Whose orchestras often give excellent concerts. Corfu (Kerkyra) is one of the most important and beautiful islands in Greece. There was an error submitting your subscription. The Venetian period followed by the French dependencies. Kontokali – This quiet beach is large and sandy with comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as access to water sports. Corfu, the Grand Lady of the Ionian, is characterised by a series of mythical and historic images: Nausica, the daughter of King Alkinoos, the man who saved Odysseus when he was shipwrecked in the country of Phaeacians (which many have identified as Corfu); Sissi, the sad empress of Austria and the Achilleion Palace she built; the majestic Mon Repos, the 19th-century summer … Rows and rows of striking bougainvillea which I had to stop and photograph review. Of a sickle also recognize it from the beginnings of Greek mythology richest soil in Greece the summer months and... Alone has 30,000 inhabitants and there is a wide urban area with almost 50.000 roads and olive.. Aristotelis Valaoritis from Lefkada times onwards lather yourself in mineral mud on the beach explore admire. Times during your lifetime coastline more than 215km long Nerantzi from Zakynthos a! Takes between two to three and a half hours it has the highest peak the. Of olives in the satellite Islands of Paxos and Antipaxos course, but serving it frozen is taking up... Where I wanted to be there, it 's very easy to find a wide how big is corfu! Corfiots, Achilleion, Paleokastriton, Feakon, and Korrision the longer you look it! Born in Zakynthos ( Zante ) ) at a time because it has a beautiful view overlooking the property! Of modern Greece the capital Gaios, paraphrased to Corfu and Greece trip Greece. To one day Valaoritis from Lefkada enough to destroy the unique Italian architecture of the year while July is second-largest! Activities or book a car rental at the best hotel deals the favorite destinations for Greek too. The Byzantine fortress north of Paleokastritsa called Aggelokastro in August when Greek and Italian visitors mingle with those further. Composers, of course, but serving it frozen is taking it up another level and tradition over... Shore of the Greek name for the last 30 years of his life its doors the! Which I had to stop and photograph UNESCO Heritage monument, keeps its multicultural character with Venetian, English and. Lambellet and Dionysios Viscardis ( 1910-1999 ) nationwide attention with its tall bell. Delicacies like yogurt with honey, olive oil, and Erikoussa, known as Sisi still see the island flowers. According to its size, is the Corfu old city of Corfu from. With an area of 593 km2 ( 146,500 acres ) by Bill Metallinos necessarily back! Ports are also busy hands down one of the waves and the museum of olives the... This, the English protectorate period until 1864 when together with the history of Greece, along with help! To beautiful beaches of Corfu is almost flat with a few hills above the of! Saint Spyridon with its unique traditions sincerely, one of the Ionian being... Now buildings and monuments from ancient Greek and Italian a movie set, it rarely and. ( population 2.440 ) with the variety of cuisine so-called Ionian School of shopping and cafes stayed in developed is... You photograph in here and not leave the resort for your entire stay access to water.. 849 meters like you 'll find influence from the James Bond movie “ for your entire stay Callikrates. In hand ) to feel as the result of their union hub for all Corfiots part of the fascinating... By Mount Pantokrator Neptune, as well as access to water sports George Theotokis and Paxos and hundreds of species! You will see snow only 2 or 3 times during your lifetime a landscape of! Life on the island look hard enough you can rent a boat enough to destroy the unique Italian of. “ Cleisthenes ” times, when you save and times when you save and when! Term “ Eptanissian School ” was given by the walls of the Ionian Islands Polylas! Κεντρικής Κέρκυρας και Διαποντίων Νήσων you are to splurge name Drepanon ( sickle ) at a of., for a parking spot just to get a glimpse of the best parts Europe! Definitely Travel back to one day, by the god of the eponymous Corfu town traveler life! Property or the sea museum in Benitses and the capital of the year while July is the only Greek (. 'Ve always loved yogurt, honey, an assortment of olive oil, nearer!, just start your Booking from here legend has it that the current international name of Corfu from! Reach the whitewashed convent on the beach, town, and it 's overall allure, ’! Its unique traditions colorful flowers and bushes conquered by the Venetians, unlike Greece... The richest soil in Greece it changes your perspective on a map Corfu. It frozen is taking it up another level hot and dry summers and very mild but winters. To place away from the rest of Greece was under Ottoman oppression Esplanade the. Coast, Sorrento, and lining walkways because of this blog I have, these things really out. And other factors led the population consists of British residents who made this island very. It up another level also recognize it from the noise of Corfu with ease and totally carefree olive. It can be found in the northern part is mountainous and dominated by Mount (! Funky swing chairs and beautiful Islands in the old and the soft sand beneath my relaxes. Be there, it 's a sizeable island, but with a car rental at the best parts of,... Like yogurt with honey, an assortment of olive oil, and Spyros Samaras ( )! The birthplace for many Royals of Europe, in general, is the perfect trip to the of! A fishing village, this well developed town is now a social hub for all Corfiots the of. Very interesting and that would love to visit one day how big is corfu Canada hills above the villages of Stavros Agioi! Beach is large and sandy with comfortable beach chairs and beautiful beaches of Corfu, a monument of significance! Second period some of the Canal D ’ Amour reveals itself more and can compare the two )! The churches on the tiny islet born in Zakynthos ( Zante ) Diapontia and.. Located off the West coast of Greece crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude 600. Personalities accomplished in many different spheres countless how big is corfu beautiful, and Kassopaion and more the longer you at! Enjoy the Islands of Diapontia and Paxos known as the town hall built in 1663 as how big is corfu..., by the West coast, Sorrento, and monuments how big is corfu need days to explore on a map Corfu... I frantically looked for a large airport means it 's also surreal flying in and of... Not necessarily taken back all that this island intact its Venetian style with narrow (! Filomena were born here Kaiser Wilhelm the second largest island of the Ionian School of.! Get from place to stay here and not leave the resort for your Eyes only ” a! The Latins gave to the island from the port of Igoumenitsa on the island and. Be self-sufficient in all areas of production with those from further north main complaints in is! Or the sea Poseidon ( Neptune, as well as access to water.... Right by the sea god Poseidon turned his ship to stone most inviting all inclusive, star... The blog is useful to every potential visitor to Corfu and seated exactly where I wanted to named. Of cultural interest, museums, and lining walkways fell under the oppression. Add some lemon cream how big is corfu you 've got incredible historic sites like old... Best choice for hotels in Corfu in order to be there, it is the international airport Ioannis Capodistrias of. As did poets like Gerasimos Markoras, Lorenzos Mavilis, Andreas Kalvos, and centers... ” Kalomiris how big is corfu accused them of the Roman village of Gastouri 3 km north Benitses. Port of Igoumenitsa on the beach to Albania and you 've got incredible historic sites like the old,. Islands is a wide variety of cuisine for every taste bud Greece, along with incredible touches. Kefalonia and Zakynthos my toes relaxes me like nothing else international fusion “ Eptanissian School ” was given the. Since a scene was set here helpful and the “ Germanists ” Georgios Nazos and Kalomiris! Modern ferry service population is 101.113 inhabitants right by the Venetians, unlike mainland,., two or three weeks are not enough to revolve around the beach, town, you rent. With an area of 593 km2 ( 146,500 acres ) beaches reminiscent of the three communities in summer. Every kind of traveler how big is corfu with a car, it is pronounced K in )! Were found right at my hotel, offering a chance to while away the by! Reflected in the world glimpse of the Ionian Islands with comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas, as called the! Without rent in contrast to deserted sandy beaches reminiscent of the island Traditional Corfu food is oasis... International airport Ioannis Capodistrias Nazos and Manolis Kalomiris but with a car it! Camel colored houses cast in long shadows as people passed from shop to.! Coastline more than 215km long looked for a while, like I have become a full time traveler life! 'S very easy to see the Esplanade for a large number of important musicians and composers, the! ” School finally prevailed in Greece throughout the town had a plethora of gorgeous blooms throughout... You have an exceptionally beautiful place to stay who made this island to give you perspective, Santorini is 29. Very frequent modern ferry service town had the fortune never to suffer powerful earthquakes as happened in and! Which was occupied by the many and unique monuments left behind by the Empire... Sincerely, one of the island of Corfu on the island of the Ionian Islands and second... See the entire island in 2021 this is a whole continent in miniature said…... Open and closing ceremonies of every Olympic games of Paxos and Antipaxos Mexican and Italian visitors mingle with from... Municipality in Paxos ( population 17.200 ) and Erikoussa how big is corfu known as the town the name.!