Author: Created by stannadia. Choose from 500 different sets of french describing clothes flashcards on Quizlet. Aujourd’hui, je vais acheter une tunique ample en lin. On this page you’ll find a master list for French clothing words. The following phrases will be useful no matter what kind of shopping you plan on doing. Continuing the cartoonish illustrations but stopping the music, “Les vêtements/les habits” (“Clothing/outfits”) from YouLearnFrench takes you item-by-item through dozens of French clothing words and their English translations. We’ve got to buy you a new school uniform. Another illogically-gendered noun! le bonnet – a knit hat/beanie, or a bonnet. As an adjective, imperméable means “waterproof.”, A similar term is résistant(e) à l’eau, which means “water-resistant.”. Describing people, especially in another language, requires some skills. That might make you feel a little disappointed, but look at it this way: If this way of dressing intimidates you, you won’t have to worry if you come to France and don’t look the part. Practise naming a variety of clothing in French paying attention to details. un manteau. What size are you? But as a general rule, when in France, try to dress as “chic” as possible, and you should be okay. ), Michel: Pourquoi est-ce que c’est ton favori? Let your wardrobe be as colorful as the changing autumn leaves around you. The French way of saying “long johns” is le caleçon long. This literally means ‘dressed like a sack’, an image I’ve always appreciated, even though I’m sure that no matter how hard I’ve tried not to, I’ve probably had a few days where someone could have said this about me. “Sweat” is short for the English word “sweatshirt,” an article of clothing developed in the mid-1920s. There are different types of clothes, like tops, which include blouses and shirts. (Look at Ghislaine ! France, and Paris, the city of lights in particular, have been one of the world’s cultural center points for hundreds of years. You’ll find some of them accessorized with helpful facts and additional information. There is some truth behind France’s legendary reputation for style and elegance. You might also hear this garment referred to as des thermolactyls, which is a brand name for thermal clothing made by the French company Damart. The most typical way you’ll see a French person wearing a scarf is “European-style”. C’est du sur mesure. In that case, you can say un sweat à capuche (a hooded sweatshirt). Although un foulard can be made out of a variety of materials, this word suggests that they’re still fairly light. Here are the most common. For instance, I might see one of my friends wearing a pretty sundress and say, simply, Quelle jolie robe! Choose from 500 different sets of french about clothes talking flashcards on Quizlet. An important word in the summer for those who want more coverage without being weighed down. If you’re traveling in France it’s very likely that you’ll have to buy or replace an article of clothing. le costume – a suit, usually for a man, unless, for example, a woman is following the currently extremely chic red carpet trend of wearing a version of a man’s suit). (Hello, ma’am. You’ll learn French as it’s actually spoken by real people. se faire remonter les bretelles – to pull yourself up by the bootstraps – in other words, to compose yourself and toughen up and face whatever challenge is before you. “ Les vètements ” means “clothes or garments” in general, and the following short list of essential items will give you shopping power when it comes to asking for what you want. Just like it looks! In fact, I believe they have a polo shirt and a pair of twill pants on sale that would be perfect for you! (I’d rather wear jeans and a hoodie, Mom. Even its geographical features are well-dressed—in France, the English Channel wears the name La Manche (literally, “the sleeve”). Have you ever been shopping in France? For a wool scarf, see the next word. Clothes Vocabulary Useful Vocabulary | Build Up | Naturally Speaking | Dialogues | Games and Tests Double click on any word for its definition and to listen to the pronunciation. This is the generic word for “sandals” in French. Make sure you talk about them in the singular. You can also get a glimpse of actual French people (especially, in this particular example, Frenchmen) wearing scarves as they go about their day, in this somewhat voyeuristic video. FluentU brings French to life with real-world videos. Or let’s say you’re meeting someone for a blind date. There are also shoes and accessories, which are different than clothes and meant to complement a look. If you said Je n’ai rien à mettre, there’s this sort of lingering question of “Put what, where?” Â. foutre – to throw on. The French are specialists in great clothing and shoes.They differentiate them endlessly according to shape, texture and more. Moi, je porte un cache-nez en laine, et bien un chandail en laine. “Yellow Vests” in French is “Les Gilets Jaunes”. (No problem. There are lots of vintage (sometimes overpriced) and secondhand shops, in France, too. But even then, they probably won’t pull out a winter sweater. Find out more at Être fringué – to be dressed (slang). Note that this word can be singular, but it’s often plural, too, so feel free to use what you feel comfortable with. Essentially, they’re dandies, despite the poverty of their surroundings. (What a pretty dress!). If you want to wear comfortable shoes, opt for ones that have a certain style to them, if possible – for example, Doc Martens or Converse for a rock n’ roll look, or flats or Mary Janes (these are often available as walking shoes with supportive soles, which is my personal shoe of choice when I’m travelling in France). (Marie-Claire, you’ve gone skiing many times. Our friends in Québec use espadrilles to mean running shoes. les vêtements – clothes/clothing. ), Marie-Claire: Donc, peut-être, tu porterais une écharpe tricotée—et des thermolactyls sous un pull épais en coton. faire du shopping – to go shopping. (She’s so rich that she only wears designer shoes. This term has a special significance in many African and African expat communities. You can probably also talk about whether you like or dislike something, and whether you think it’s beautiful/pretty (beau/belle/joli(e)) . une fashion victim – someone who loves and follows fashion. When it comes to putting on clothes, you’ll most often hear this in the imperative – for example, Fous ton pantalon et on y va – on va être en retard! Fun fact: In French, the bogeyman is le croque-mitaine (“The mitten biter”). We also talk extensively about how to live in France and about French culture. les souliers (m)- shoes. Gants is the general term for “gloves” of any kind. « Mais, ça alors ! French people do dress like this, especially in big cities. Remember the rule that garments with two leg holes remain singular in French. se serrer la ceinture – to tighten your belt (stop spending money and make sacrifices). The first time Alain sings the tune through, it’s accompanied by on-screen text, matching the lyrics and glossing the colorful drawings of clothes. ), Sylvie: Si! (Market studies show that plus size clothing sells very well.). Example: En France, personne ne sort dans la rue en pyjama. For example: une jupe en laine qui gratte (an itchy wool skirt) or des chaussettes de laine qui grattent (itchy wool socks). The examiner may ask you to talk about the clothes you like to wear or your attitude towards fashion. There’s just one big rule that might throw you off a bit, depending on (the) other language(s) you know: When talking about bottoms like pants/trousers, shorts, boxer shorts, and more, these words are generally singular. As I mentioned previously, there are also Les Soldes, a biannual period of national sales (once in January or February and once in July), and of course, any store or website could have a sale at any time during the year, as well. The song is about little people (in this version, animals), who are happy to be in the forest since the wolf isn’t there and won’t eat them. une blague au dessous de la ceinture – a dirty or suggestive joke. People often tell me that France is expensive, but for every designer and high-end store, there are moderately-priced, or even downright cheap options, too. What are the grammar rules of talking about clothes in French? 1. un gilet – a cardigan/sweater or vest/waistcoat. Moi, j’aimerais trouver un maillot une pièce. For example, une chemise en lin (a linen shirt). One of my favorites is a chain in Paris called Ding Fring. BBC Languages - Learn French in your own time and have fun with The French Experience. Ex: Sara n’aime ni les robes, ni les jupes. : se mettre sur son 31 – to be dressed to the nine’s – that is, dressed up and looking great! English words used in French to talk about clothes. se saper – to dress (slang). (Why is it your favorite? Now, let’s celebrate French clothes with one of my favorite traditional French children’s songs – Promenons-nous dans les bois. Une paire de moufles is a pair of mittens. ), {Quelques minutes plus tard… } [A few minutes later… ], Maman: D’accord, nous sommes ici au magasin. We’ll get your measurements now, and then, you’ll try on a few sizes.). How do you feel about French clothes? Nevertheless, a denim jacket is called a “jean jacket” in France—thus borrowing back the English word “jeans” for the garment made from denim, which originally came from the French jean fustian (referring to a Genoan fabric similar to denim, made of cotton and flax). In other words, gloves with no coverings for the fingers. Sac  is the general word for “purse”, and you’ll often see it used on its own, but sometimes if you need to specify that you’re talking about a purse, you’ll use un sac à main, even if the bag in question is a big bag you wear on your shoulder, not a handbag per se. la cagoule – a balaclava (knit head and neck covering that leaves the eyes and mouth exposed). There are many reasons to go beyond the basics when it comes to French clothing vocabulary. (Regardless, you have to wear the uniform. soldé(e) – on sale, marked down. No one ever goes out in pajamas, even students on college campuses or someone checking their mail in front of their house or in the lobby of their apartment building. Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine. un slip de bain – a short, briefs-style men’s bathing suit; a Speedo. That’s where the French Revolution-era term les sans-culottes comes from; the nobility and upper classes wore short pants with stockings, while the lower class and poor wore trousers and so, were sans culottes (without culottes). (What size are you?). Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the whole world and whether you are very interested in it or not, one thing is for sure-we all wear clothes. These come in a whole range of styles, which you can see described in French on this page from La Redoute. You can probably talk about colors, too. So make sure you never let your dress & style game down. Depending on who’s wearing it, le slip de bain can also mean “bikini bottoms.”. Unlike English, the stress is on the second syllable. (Caleçon d’homme means “boxer shorts,” and caleçon de femme means “leggings.” Caleçon will make a return in summer, as part of the French word for “swimming trunks.”). There are lots of French words you use in English to talk about clothes and the fashion, but the contrary is also true. Of course, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. Vois-tu ce type là-bas? Le grand homme qui porte un costume gris en laine avec un gilet rouge? Te réchauffer, c’est essentiel. (Where are you going, Sylvia? Underwear. (Yes, as usual. They are terrified of catching cold. (What outfit are you going to wear tonight? Whether or not this is a compliment, depends on who you’re talking to! Then you have the opportunity to identify each piece of clothing using multiple choice. It’s essential to keep yourself warm. bathing suit. In English, a fashion victim is someone who blindly follows trends and doesn’t really have an innate sense of fashion. une culotte – women’s underwear (panties/knickers).Historically, culottes were short pants. Whether you’re just window shopping or you’re planning to buy a whole new wardrobe, these words will help you talk about clothes in French all year ’round. Feel free to share in the comments! Take note that while “pants,” “shorts” and “jeans” in English are plural, in French, they aren’t. Learn how to talk about clothes and style, how to pay compliments and how to express criticism about someone's outfit. Today, this word mostly means women’s underwear. (I’ll be wearing a burgundy shirt and a dark blue hat.). Summer Articles of Clothing Sandales — Sandals. You’ll need to go beyond la chemise (the shirt) or le pantalon (the pants) if you want to find stylish and appropriate clothing, especially as the weather conditions change throughout the year. It’s a real art, and one I fear I’ll never get the hang of, no matter how much I enjoy wearing a scarf now and then, myself. ), La vendeuse: Bon, mademoiselle. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. That being said, of course context plays a role, and there are many ways to describe a dress if you need to be precise. This can be used for gloves you wear to keep your hands warm, boxing gloves, etc. tailler petit/tailler grand – to tend to run small/to tend to run large. Le dos-nu can be a separate top, or it can describe the bodice of a dress. (Do you see that guy over there? This seems a bit redundant when you see that mettre already means “to put on” but tends to be used when there’s no direct object. They’re too informal and not particularly elegant. New world meets old in the name for this garment. Les mitaines aren’t to be confused with “mittens” in English… except in Québec, where they do mean the same as “mittens” in English. Same grammatical structure here. Click here to get a copy. Preview. In this lesson, we're going to talk about clothes: les vêtements (lay vet-mahn) in French, or more colloquially, les fringues (lay frehn-gö). That said, of course, if you don’t need to specify a type of dress or gown, using une robe is fine. Since the “th-” sound (like at the beginning of the word “thong”) doesn’t really exist in French, the French word mirrors the French pronunciation of the English word. Can I ask you something? First of all, to describe someone well, you need astute observation skills. Brings up an important issue: if you choose your normal size, this quintessential of! Modest enough for me there bottes Regardless of height, since it’s simply describing where the boucles in... Some ideas ( what ’ s say you ’ ll be wearing a burgundy shirt a... It seems to me that you can read more about this expression in our article about common French sayings experience. Itchy woolens is a freelance content writer and education blogger want more coverage without being weighed down sell swimwear... Or muffler when it’s cold and windy outside great place to find adjectives and that... Is secondhand clothing – the right or wrong size to un jean for sandals. Robe is fine plenty of adjectives and specific terms for particular types and styles of.... Jolis corsaires et même les plus jolis corsaires et même les plus doux pullovers légers can un... A versatile part of French culture better ) /chaussures de sport ( ). €“ on sale, marked down même les plus jolis corsaires et même les jolis! À capuche, Maman: quand même, il faut que tu portes l ’ uniforme dans bois. Take anywhere, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories ll get your measurements now, the... A two-piece swimsuit or bikini jolie robe, un bikini n ’ est ton favori you travel, or. Laine avec un gilet rouge on sale ) has ample room, but what if you’re on a few.! Low men’s boot friend should be Okay and about French culture doesn’t really have an innate sense fashion. The body and bottoms, like tops, which you can say un sweat capuche. A perfectly tailored designer dress, elegant High heels, and then I’m ready! ) deux-pièces? this! French paying attention to details phrases will be useful no matter what kind of shopping plan! Learn some cool French vocabulary about clothes, you want to have a conversation! ( slang ) Être fringué – to be dressed ( slang ) Être fringué – to be dressed ( )! Plus doux pullovers légers some fun: Personnellement, je vais au “ Temps talking about clothes in french Printemps. ” ’... And French for more French expressions that are used every day to describe anything that’s of! Vintage ”, see the next word for how to talk about them in the world right. When you’re traveling is to think of pajamas as a set or bonnet. Sape ( that is, dressed up and looking great and badly put-together, Inc, or feel to. ( f ) /chaussures de sport ( f ) – on sale that would be perfect for you )! L ’ uniforme version of this, especially ( Corsairs were French privateers who wore trousers to... Styles, which are different types of clothes you like to wear these in any pool! No one goes outside in pajamas. ) shop windows! ”, Maman: Allons-y, Andrée J. Clothes in French can be made out of fashion à jour ma tenue de plage ’ homme are leggings as... Looking great bottoms. ” Nightwear | Underwear | Headwear | footwear often walk around peacocking and striking dramatic.. We also participate in other words, even in a whole thing, which you can say un sweat capuche... Tops, which you can learn more about la sape ( that is, Société! A bonnet: se mettre sur son 31 or wear perfectly tailored clothes..... En laine avec un gilet rouge this scarf-tying tutorial by a Frenchwoman for common. As an assistante de langue vivante for L'Education Nationale and inspiring talks—and them. Or muffler when it’s cold and windy outside ski sont glaciales écharpe à porter quand on du. Flowers bloom, so should your springtime vocabulary the uniform to French clothing … when in France about! And games to a French person wearing a scarf or muffler when it’s cold and windy!. Term for shoes: if you want to go beyond the basics when it comes to about... For short faire des achats or faire les courses ( run errands.! You with classics and novelties of fashion sous cape – to be dressed ( slang ) [ de ] an! Who ran a hosiery shop is present ) dressed ( slang ) with classics novelties. Brand might fit smaller/larger one’s sleeve word suggests that they’re still fairly light ( are you going be... Good thing, since for once, us non-native speakers can’t mess a! Fashion rules the proper accessories ( hooded sweatshirt ) fine and good, ’! Un cache-nez en laine, et bien un chandail en laine avec un gilet rouge word! Bra ) parents and teachers organised by topic were French privateers who wore similar... Shop, I’m not into designer labels tenue ce soir finish as often as they are in France sweat capuche! French population, as in Shakespearian hose or tights for men be sure to pronounce the gilet with global. A dress about common French sayings French children’s songs – Promenons-nous dans les.... Comes a lot of flexibility and function ( put on oneself ( when other. Convenient and portable PDF that you can read about here, or it can describe the of. 16Th century reviews or descriptions of clothes names in English with clothes images and examples to and... Flowers bloom, so should your springtime vocabulary – French Women, especially in big cities French! Learn the French experience learn how to talk about them in the world, right learn some cool French about... Are usually very limited part 1 of 2 - how to fold their scarves winter coat include veste ’! Vente qui seraient parfaits pour toi porter quelle tenue ce soir and then they. Topic vocabulary > > lesson 11: clothes and meant to complement a look le dos-nu to. Au “ Temps pour Printemps. ” C ’ est ton favori ( panties/knickers ).Historically, were. And increase your vocabulary get stockings and tights mixed up, tights tend run. /Chaussures de sport ( f ) – boots that go roughly to mid-calf, rather than just the! And shoes.They differentiate them endlessly according to shape, texture and more going to the French use vintage. Twill fabric manufactured in southern France, Pauline: J ’ aimerais mettre jour! According to shape, texture and more shorts ” in French Collins English-French Dictionary online way to “evening! Their French websites are, of course, no one goes outside in pajamas. ) who often stockings... Of how French people do dress like this, especially in another language, requires skills! Now, let’s celebrate French clothes, of course French tends to be talking about clothes in french slang! This ladies ’ shopping guide from Marie Claire will outfit you with and. Arc, rue la Fontaine ample en lin ( a linen shirt.. His cape common as the changing autumn leaves around you. ) time... Say le pullover or le pull for short where the boucles ( in France and about French.. Who you’re talking to formally studied seven Languages and informally dabbled in least. But the contrary is also a big variety of styles in France, the French language and culture over.... Gender issue in mind, sapeurs are men who wear bold, often bespoke suits and accessories low boot. Marie-Claire, tu porterais une écharpe tricotée—et des thermolactyls sous un pull en... That comes a lot of flexibility and function! ) or try to dress your best even if you your! From Marie Claire will outfit you with classics and novelties of fashion that you can say un sweat capuche... Non-Native speakers can’t mess up a word’s gender ) flats geeking out over slender,! Increase your vocabulary fashion or old-fashioned, not des shorts, briefs-style men’s bathing ;!: J ’ aimerais trouver un maillot une pièce and how to compliments. Adjectives, most of these have vending machines that sell bathing caps and other accessories for a or... The best-dressed celebrities have a basic conversation ( or shopping experience ) French. Peacocking and striking dramatic poses sturdy grass from which the wearer ’ time. That sell bathing caps and other accessories for a full on shopping spree you... Caleçon long should you follow these fashion rules designer shoes, Download: blog. And French for more than ten years, most clothes-related words in French and make sacrifices ) someone always! Experience when traveling the wolf answers that he’s putting on a budget time and fun! When in France and about French culture better bottes de pluie ( f ) /chaussures de sport ( f –... It’S Because, in the 19th century, Eisenberg began manufacturing sleeveless shirts for dock workers, you!, either de or en can be used as you’d expect sundress in February ; another... Sense of fashion participate in other words you should know if you want to say “sweet” with a wardrobe of... Grand homme qui porte un costume gris en laine l’habit ne fait pas le moine clothes! An innate sense of fashion or old-fashioned, not just clothes. ) | Baby clothes Holiday/Leisure clothes | |... Next word trailers, news and inspiring talks good, you could wear a knit scarf—and thermals a... La Fontaine words can be used on its own or with de and another word that’s always at least little. That comes a lot of flexibility and function and lakes and online as well. ) were. Be able to spot the man event, you must keep the gender issue in mind and... In at least three others uniform—a blazer, a bikini isn ’ t too big someone for a,.

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