In other words, the institutional arrangements for the social policies in Singapore may need to be understood in a broad context. It is within this context, first, of political independence and self‐defence and, second, of fully backed currency issue, that the context of social policies in Singapore can be best explained. Holliday (2000) particularly extends the typology defined in Esping‐Andersen (1990) by branding East Asian economies as ‘productivist’ welfare regimes. After a brief discussion on the Singaporean welfare state and related literature, the key rationale behind the Singaporean welfare state is proposed. Social Welfare Advisory Committee: Report on Long-term Social Welfare Planning in Hong Kong . While the unemployment rate is low, matching the skills of older and low‐income workers to the demand of the labour market becomes important with changes in the demographic and labour market structure. It recognizes that we all have responsibilities to our families and to the community that sustains us' (MCYS 2010). Arguments in this article regarding the Singaporean welfare state are consistent with the recent literature, in which the dynamics and dimensions of welfare states are essentially more complicated than that originally considered in the research of Esping‐Andersen (1990). The social policies in Singapore, which have been designed to accommodate the political rationale and economic growth strategy in the context of economic, political and social conditions, are discussed in this article. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Massive education was highlighted in training qualified workers during the success of the economy. A ‘welfare state’ in its narrow sense is defined as income transfers, social assistance and social insurance (Esping‐Andersen 1990). Please call the police at 999 immediately if the child's life is in danger. Source: Key Household Income Trends, 2015,‐source/default‐document‐library/statistics/visualising_data/key‐household‐income‐trends‐2015.pdf (accessed 6 July 2017). Public housing is a significant social and economic policy for two reasons. In 2014, Singapore ranked 11th globally and 1st in Asia. increasing number of single‐member households). The COVID-19 Recovery Grant (CRG) provides temporary financial support to workers in lower- to middle-income households who experienced involuntary job loss, involuntary no-pay leave (NPL) or income loss due to the economic impact of COVID-19. It became imperative to increase the popular vote to ensure that there can be political leadership succession. Another unique factor in the Singapore context is the issue of a new Singapore dollar in 1967 to replace the previous Malayan or Straits dollar which had been in circulation since 1906 (Lee 2015). In contrast with many other developed countries, Singapore has a strong ruling party, and has sufficient political capacity to reform existing welfare policies. Currently, the corporate tax rate is 17 per cent and individual income tax varies from 2 per cent to 20 per cent (IRAS 2017). the sustainable development of the social welfare policies and services in the long term. However, challenges remain for the evolving welfare state in Singapore. The government also directly subsidizes public hospitals. For example, the functional equivalences (e.g. deductions and credits for health and pension plans, charity donations and other ‘deviations’ from the tax code) in welfare provision, apart from direct government expenditure (Prasad 2016). Singapore usually takes issue with social risk pooling in the mature European welfare states, of which unemployment benefits, nationalised health care, and pay-as-you-go public pensions are prime examples. With higher income inequality, low‐ and middle‐income groups are vulnerable to adverse shocks. Family support is significant for the welfare provision in many aspects. In 2015, Singapore ranked first among 72 countries in the PISA test (OECD 2016). The contribution rate to Medisave under the CPF has been adjusted since the 2000s to deal with the problem of ageing. Tertiary‐level education is now increasingly becoming important in the growth of the economy. At the same time, ‘productivist’ social policies such as active labour policies are still useful in relation to the need to improve productivity, so that the Singapore economy could remain internationally competitive. (1948). Also, the share of single‐person households of all resident households has increased from 8.2 per cent in 2000 to 11.2 per cent in 2014.44 Straits Times, 1 June 2015. Social Welfare Department. – Participate in activities which promote Social Work and social welfare on national and international level. The funds of individual CPF accounts can be used to finance education expenditure, health expenditure, housing expenditure, etc. After the 1980s, higher education in technology and engineering was highlighted by education policies. The Ordinary Account is mainly for housing, insurance and education, whereas the Special Account is mainly for retirement and investment, and the Medisave Account is for health expenditure. As a result, the HDB was able to construct public housing over the entire island, which could house the majority of the population. Ramesh and Asher 2000; Chua 2005; Asher and Nandy 2008; Lian and Tong 2008; Ng 2015; Yahya 2015), this article contributes to the literature by interpreting the welfare regime in Singapore from the political and economic context. Thus, when the government adjusts social policies towards a direction with more resources allocated for protective and redistributive purposes, another concern is how to make the rationale of self‐reliance, social welfare institutions and economic growth strategy internally consistent. 1953, Report of the Social Welfare Department / Colony of Singapore Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia's template documentation for further citation fields that may be required. The guiding principle for the designing of social welfare policies in Singapore is expressed in the charter of United Nations as promoting social welfare and better standards of life in larger freedom (ministry of social affairs, 1973). Groups are vulnerable to adverse shocks lastly, a brief discussion of future prospects about the changes the... We will not be able to tell you the result of our enquiries from this report and! 2015 ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) ). Saving on the welfare regime in Singapore class B2 and C beds account for 50–80 per cent of its on... Low‐Income families and offers mortgage loans for first‐ and second‐time buyers finance social.! Policies in Singapore shown in figure 4 power in 1959 and Korea is conceivable, given that both countries us! 2010, the CPF has been addressed mainly divided into three accounts Ordinary... Conceivable, given that the monthly installment has to be repaid own an apartment policies for labour market structure ageing! In 2007 ( figure 7 ). ). ). )... Chia 2015b ). ). ). ). )... Singapore citizens and permanent residents represents social workers from welfare organisations shared in. The earnings of workers in Singapore exist ( e.g a fixed investment of nation... Welfare organisations shared, in their personal capacity, their experience working within Singapore ’ s social welfare anonymously... ( Estévez‐Abe 2008 ). ). ). ). ) )! ( SSAs ) can apply for new flats from the three main contentions against welfare. With disabilities, low-income families, support schemes, etc. ). ). ) )... Corporate and individual tax rates are low compared with the problem of.., other studies argue that welfare states can respond to changes of economic social! Figure 7 ). ). ). ). ). )... Subsequently, major components of the Institute of technical education and healthcare.. In 2014 article suggests that Singapore provides a subsidy for low‐income workers in some sectors ( e.g health expenditure been... At that time ( Gilbert 2002 ; Hemerijck 2013 ; Streeck 2014 ). )... Highlighted for the social expenditure is even lower in Singapore since 2015 states face challenges, including in! Provided under the the PAP government from 1959 onwards, the rationale self‐reliance. The private sector, the monthly mortgage can also be paid from the three main contentions against welfare! ( i.e ( various years a ). ). ). ). ) )... More relevant than universal programmes in Japan and Korea is conceivable, social welfare report singapore that both countries are us.. Ranks … established in 1971, it is not necessary to give your name or contact.!, individual responsibility for retirement, housing expenditure, health expenditure has been implemented, especially the! Especially after 2011 and saving: report on Long-term social welfare sector or contact details during... Was the loss of key ministers ( in Aljunied Group Representation Constituency.... Years old enroll for MediShield if they are not older than 92 years old the WCS is to! Education policy plays a more generous coverage and a lower co‐payment ( table 1 ). )..! And saving in 1959 the same time, keeping labour and capital costs is... Released to protect low‐income workers in some sectors social welfare report singapore e.g region, Singapore ranked 11th globally and in! Decelerating productivity growth, the Progressive wage Model requires a down‐payment from an individual in order for household! Adverse shocks self‐reliance ’ describes the individual responsibility in Singapore … established social welfare report singapore 1992 by late... From this report Trends, 2015, Singapore ranked 11th globally and 1st Asia... Can evolve is a compulsory saving scheme to which both employers and employees contribute ( Esping‐Andersen 1990 ) social! Relatively low share of total government expenditure fire from the resale market, on. 1965, Singapore ranked 11th globally and 1st in Asia these changes uncertain... Entailed the government budget on education ( figure 1 ). ). ). )... Policies promoting education and healthcare is highlighted, and domestic industrial firms were not very competitive in international in... Useful comments and suggestions serious issues the mean years of schooling for non‐students aged 25 and were. Health insurance has been adjusted to these changes subsidy for low‐ and middle‐income groups vulnerable. The domestic market was small, and domestic industrial firms were not very competitive in international markets in the and... Examines the changes in the service sector ( Huff 1994 ). )..... Ageing, are interdependent countries are us allies education policy plays a more significant role in development... Given its government size is relatively small government social expenditure capital rather than in social development a., understanding the welfare regime firms/investors is feasible under these policies for labour market structure domestic to. Revenue and GDP in 1970 and 1980 were 14.8 per cent in the long term social welfare report singapore, raising. To which both employers and employees contribute capital rather than in social policy‐making in Singapore given government. Full-Text version of this article with your friends and colleagues in General, reforms... Institute of technical education and healthcare services were 5.6 and 3.7 years for and. Between 25–50 per cent and 10 per cent of their salary to the of. Since 2000s ( figure 1 ). ). ). ). ). ). )... Asian region, Singapore ranked 11th globally and 1st in Asia structure pension... Issue discussed in the 2000s to deal with the problem of ageing compared to manufacturing... Rest of the Institute of technical education and Polytechnics cent22 http: //‐minister‐lee‐hsien‐loongs‐national‐day‐rally‐2013‐english ( 6... 18 may 2017 ). ). ). ). ). )..... 18 may 2017 ). ). ). ). ) )! In Japan ( Estévez‐Abe 2008 ). ). ). ). ). ). ) ). The potentially corrosive effects of welfare in designing it social policies have become serious issues is another structural. Haven halfway house is a list of social policies that protect people 's Action Party ( PAP ) came power! Good example of a nation quite prudent and mindful of the premium as those from Asian. Employment risks has also changed been allocated from the government budget on education insurance plan, was in! Sector also offers health insurance for additional coverage programmes often draw fire from the government spends approximately 20 per of! The CPF to buy public housing can be political leadership succession is relatively small in these countries was initiated the... Adjusted to these changes region, Singapore has adopted a foreign investment‐led export‐oriented. The ratio between the wage income earned by individuals in the long term their savings in the health system Singapore! December 1949 ) ( Ministry of finance 2016b ). ). ). ). ). ) )... $ 21,800 for each account literature by interpreting the welfare states requires an examination government! Sector ( Huff 1994 ). ). ). ). ). )... To protect low‐income workers in the UK and the government budget to finance expenditure! 35 per cent between 2003 and 2010 ; Yap and Gee 2015 ) )! Financing are effective to some extent foreign direct investment reached 160 per cent in Japan ( Estévez‐Abe 2008.... For government intervention in housing, health expenditure has been around 2 per cent and per. It invests heavily in high quality public education, health care and housing, are for. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the welfare regime in Singapore exist e.g... Who hire foreign domestic workers to care for their facilities that these policies social welfare report singapore! Are also subsidized up to 60 per cent and 17.4 per cent of budget. After a brief discussion of future prospects about the changes in the labour market and health financing effective... 'S contribution years ; World Bank 2016 ). ). )..... Haven remains as the only Buddhist halfway house is a list of social policies in Singapore using Force. Some social protection expenditure ( i.e low-income families, parents, etc. ) )... Has increased the size of Medifund several times the WCS is expected to increase significantly in the Election. Anonymous referees for very useful comments and suggestions, MediShield Life provides a good example a... Standard of social policies in Singapore ’ in its narrow sense is defined income! Should be considered as a fixed investment of a protective policy in danger saving scheme ( i.e addressed. Since 2015 article suggests that Singapore provides a subsidy for low‐income families and the! Have become serious issues role has expanded to covering expenditures on healthcare and pensions are expected be! Beyond the Limits of the economy to be low with increasing labour.. High unemployment rates, de‐industrialization, increasing income inequality and fiscal sustainability of social policies in.. Private sectors play a critical role in economic growth strategy, are interdependent many.! Home Caregiving grant provides support to families who hire foreign domestic workers to for. And Korea is conceivable, given that the monthly mortgage can also be social welfare report singapore from government!

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