35"x12.5"x17". W108 W109 . You can decode the VIN yourself with a VIN decoder but we … 1999 Silverado 1500 ECSB 2WD. Mar 01 2017, 3:31am. Interior color codes identify interior components, such as leather seating or dashboards. Also see: 1957 to 1966 Chevrolet Paint Charts . anyone know the interior color codes for the nbs trucks?? Thanks for any help. 1966 Chevrolet Paint Charts and Color Codes For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. Mercedes Benz uses individual codes to describe the colors on different parts of their vehicles. Sure wish they made it easier to figure out. Look under the hood or along the driver's side door if you can't find the car's build sheet. Step 2: Call your dealership and provide the VIN and they will give you the color names. See 2011 GMC Acadia Color Options, Color Chart, Color Codes and Interior Colors for SL, SLE, ... VIN, Body Style… 2011 GMC Acadia Color Options, Codes, Chart & Interior Colors Change Year 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 Don't be discouraged. 3" BL + 7" Pro-Comp Lift. The interior color code is in the bottom right of the sticker, but is also one of the RPO codes near the end of the list ending in the letter "I". The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is available in three interior colors and four seat trim materials. Finding Interior Color Codes. The 69 is the color code; 692, or 69C, 69V, etc just denotes trim level. Anything Chevy painted is and will be here, New Subpages for Chevy Just added. General Motors 1984 and Prior Years Buick - Cadillac - Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Pontiac Vehicle Paint Code Locations It's slow-going if your sticker has a lot of codes, but it's better than nothing. It has been used for a 3.27:1 as … Re: Carpet Color Code. SEM Color Coat is a fade resistant, flexible, permanent coating. In some cases, the RPO has become so identifiable to a specific vehicle that the code has become a part of the vehicle’s model … Usually when someone has trouble finding a Chevrolet paint code, I have them look in the glove box or the spare tire well. Color Guide. In one year or make and model, a code might mean ione thing, then in another year or for a different make and model it will mean something else. SEM Color Coat products are specifically made to do just that. Note that this list is NOT yet complete, I'm still working on it and I'll try to announce when I've updated the list. The interior is a dark grey, but I just want to be 100% positive about the color before I order a new panel. anyone?? Welcome back. Color: GM Ebony: Item Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces: About this item This fits your . Hopefully this can prove useful to someone. 1913 to 2021 Chevy paint code chart library. Find the Correct Color for Your Car. Medium Dark Pewter (Interior Color) 92/WA110D {-1999 -----} Color Paint Code Pewter Metallic Clearcoat 11/WA382E Indigo Metallic Clearcoat 39/WA9792 Black Clearcoat 41/WA8555 Emerald Green Metallic Clearcoat 43/WA177B White Clearcoat 50/WA8624 Gold … Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint color code. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. SEM COLOR COAT is formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet, and velour. Domestic Car Paint Codes. This pages has all the GM paint codes for 1973 to 2018. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Chevrolet , please use the following link: Chevrolet Touch Up Paint . 1959, Chevrolet, Corvette, Name:Tuxedo Black, Code:503A: Ford: GM:WA0848 Chry:DT4004: PPG:9000,9300 Dupt:88L,886-92264L,93-005 ACME:3000,206: RM:A946 Martin:8800 I have a "43U" for a color option, which GM calls "Emerald Green", according to the 1998 GM Blazer shop manual. Code: Colour: 4581: Theatre Grey Matt. I have interior code 922 (pewter leather) and 92i (pewter/gray plastics). No such luck. all M codes (Ford production paint), all WT codes (Ford special order paint), all MX codes (other manufacturers' paint or updated formulations used by Ford) GM special order WE-code paints, GM production WA-code paints, Chrysler special order DT-code paints, and International special order IH-code paints Check out the top ten most popular paint colors specifically viewed in our database .. Common among these chassis: R107 . Quick , helpful video showing the interior color differences on 1999 - 2002 gm trucks, and suvs. The RPO codes identify the base model of the vehicle along with options such as paint color, engine, infotainment system, wheels, etc. An example is G93. Every year, every chart, every color, every paint code known to exist for Gm. The interior color code typically ends in an "i" and is usually near the end of the RPO list. The interior code usually ends with an "I" and is on the bottom row of all the "GM common option codes". is there a black interior and then a drk charcoal grey one or is it the same?? if so what are the 2 different codes? Does anyone know how I can find out exactly what the interior color is? ... Look closely here for the two three digit numbers on the left side of the plate. GMC vehicles, along with all other GM makes, have the interior color codes on the Service Parts Identification sticker. Two Tone Models: A two toned car will have a "U" followed by the four digit color code for the body color, and an "L" followed by a four digit color code for the lower color or the bumper color. Step 3. Through the years some codes have been reused. Comprehensive Chevrolet VIN Decoder: 1GCCS136X58291967 INTERIOR TRIM COLOR,VERY DARK PEWTER (69I) TRIM COMBINATION CLOTH, MED DARK PEWTER (97) (H) (92H) Vehicle: COLORADO PICKUP CREW CAB See 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Color Options, Color Chart, Color Codes and Interior Colors for Work Truck, LT, LS, Xtra Fuel Economy, LTZ Search Cars, VIN, Body Style… Loading report. Code reuse. The label on the inside drivers door doesn't seem to show anything related to colors. See 2019 Silverado interior colors, accents, and trims. Choosing Your Correct Color Step 1: Take note of your VIN located on your dash near the bottom of the windshield. GM Interior Auto Paint - by SEM Product Need to restore, change, or repair your General Motors or SAAB interior color? 1:United States) Characters used to identify vehicle attributes such … GM (parent company of Chevrolet) make so many makes and models, you would think they would have standardized the location of the color plate. If you don't have "43U" on the bottom of the list, post the number codes and I'll give you the color definition. The paint color code will be located either on a laminated label or on a metal plate. The SEM GM colors all seem to be 4 digit codes… 2014 GM Interior Colors SEM Auto Interior Restoration Paint Use the product professionals use. 12I, 12D and 122 - Graphite 52I, 52D and 522 - Light neutral 92I, 92D and 922 - Shale/pewter. W110 W111 W112 Sedan . Edited August 9, 2014 by newdude GM Genuine parts paint Matching the exact auto paint color of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, HUMMER, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Saturn vehicle can be a frustrating endeavor. I circled the code (19I) on my truck which is Black or Ebony. Color Code 69 is Dark Charcoal (Chevrolet) and Dark Pewter (GMC), and as far as I know, they are the same color. That may not be exactly what you're looking for, as a "color code", but that does tell you the GM color name. The interior color is listed next to the German word "Polst." I am not sure where to find the codes. Most notable is I am missing a ton of the specific paint color codes, but I'm getting them here and there. For some models, you can find a sticker at either of these locations that displays the name and numbers for both the exterior and the interior colors … gm rpo codes: 5.0 : marking, reflective yellow on blue, u.s. air force ... 80i : interior trim, sand (i) 80q : molding color, med quasar blue met (91) 80u : primary color, exterior, med quasar blue met (91) 80u : red jewel tinitcoat 81a : stripe color, accent, two tone, red/black (91) If you need to touch up or replace these interior components, knowing the Mercedes interior color code or color will be useful. Great for most vinyl, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet or velour. The problem I have is this: I am looking at SEM classic coats for leather, but they have a different paint code for the interior colors. Both are on the bottom row. Both of these can be helpful. Note the interior code (218) is usually on top of the paint code (744). I have had this problem before matching a 92 with Blue interior. Leather, Vinyl and Plastic paint for auto interiors Preserves the supple feel you want when you paint vinyl Creates a molecular bond to seal in color Fade resistant and flexible, COLOR COAT is not a … The Exterior paint code is next to it sometimes. Locate Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac paint color codes and download GM-specific color compatibility guides and reference materials for model years 2003 to the present. It is the typical gm medium gray color. 4644: Hotham Blue Matt: 4689: Columbine Blue. RPO.jpg. To be completely sure you match your code to our listing, call your dealer with your VIN number and they can tell you the paint and trim codes. Created for painting automotive leather, vinyl and plastic, ColorBond L, V & HP Refinisher quickly penetrates upholstery surfaces to create a molecular bond that seals in color. The World Manufacturer Identification code, with the first character identifying the country of assembly (e.g. Problem & Solution. ColorBond GM Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher makes refinishing upholstery of all types easy and inexpensive.

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