Fax: 302-656-9053. The lawsuit is a putative class action, and if the Court certifies the case as a class action, the case will proceed for the benefit of all California Frigidaire defective ice maker owners. Eventually they offered $2000 off of a new Electrolux but they still had the same ice maker so what was the point? There has got to be something we can do that they continue to sell a defective appliance. This remedy worked for a little over a year, but now my ice maker ha frozen up once again. You can see the layers of freezing in the chunk. to avoid this problem in the future consider signing up for our newsletter. 2. You no longer have legal recourse as the deadline for this settlement has passed. I filed my claim within the stated time period but have not received any payment. Would not recommend this product. This site uses cookies. There should be something that can be done for all of the people that did not have an opportunity to be included in the settlement. Electrolux denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the ice maker class action lawsuit to avoid the uncertainty, time and expense of further litigation. A refrigerator with an ice maker must make and maintain ice to fulfill its basic purpose. Ours is not repairable. Although the damage was discovered the week of February 4, 2018 as the renovation began, given its extent, the corrosion has obviously been going on for some time. If you purchased a Crosley, Electrolux or Frigidaire “French Door” refrigerator-freezer unit with a Gen 1 Ice Maker, you may be entitled to payment from the class action settlement. In reality though, it seems there are very few manufacturers if any that don’t have issues, like Samsung with their exploding washers and problemed refrigerators to Whirlpool and their shrinking and cracking plastic on just about everything they make or at least all of the appliances I had with reports of newer appliances with the same issues. know what was going on. Customer service from Electrolux was the worst ever. Please include me.How does one join this class action lawsuit? Specifically, numerous consumers have reported incidents where their Frigidaire or Electrolux refrigerators have caught fire, and in extreme cases, have caused fire-related property damage. Wondering if I should reschedule ? If your Frigidaire or Electrolux refrigerator caught fire, we would like to hear from you. Every time I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told I could not speak to anyone other than the rep on the phone. Please contact me if anyone wants to start another class action suit. TAMPA, Fla. — Appliance giant LG has agreed to settle a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over refrigerator defect claims. Purchased two extended warranties. If you go out of town for a month it totally freezes up. We paid a lot for this fridge only to have the ice maker never work properly. We had to have all of our frigidiare appliances either replaced or repaired. Every month or so, even with the ice maker OFF it drops a huge chunk of 4 cubes stuck together. Tried to reset with no success. I too purchased a french door; the ice maker stopped working; I had a home warranty insurance policy and called and they had 4 different repair agents to come out; finally I was told that the year 2010 was a bad year that this model was first made and it was defective and that Electrolux was aware of it and that the ice maker could not be fixed. What a joke and a terrible product. Electrolux Class Action Alleges Frigidaire, Kenmore Washing Machines Prone to Mold November 27 2013 - by Lucy Campbell Wheeling, WV: A federal class action lawsuit has been field against Electrolux Home Products Inc, over allegations the company marketed and sold defective washing machines. A proposed class action lawsuit filed back in February 2017 alleges these ice makers are defective and have caused substantial (and sometimes costly) problems for consumers. This Electrolux refrigerator is a lemon! Facts of the Case: LG Refrigerator Cooling Defect Class Action Lawsuit. • A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit, and you may be a member of the settlement class. The whole top maker had to be removed. I have the same Frigidaire and called about the ice maker while still under warranty. I too have this piece of garbage now what is my recourse. The technician stated that this might fix the problem, but is very risky. We have been fighting the same issue for over 6 months now with at least 5 services and even more stood up. Re: Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, Model #EW23BC85KS7 Today, an appliance service technician, referred to us by Electrolux assessed the damage and stated that it was caused by inadequate insulation, leading to condensate forming and the subsequent corrosion. The Covered Models are the following LG Refrigerator models, with serial number range 401***** to 712*****. Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. I hope they fired the engineer that designed this piece of crap! same issue. A few months ago it stopped cooling properly. He says the drain is too close to the compressor (I think that’s right) and causes the drained water to build up and eventually burst everything. If anyone pursues anything regarding this, is there a way to find out because i don’t even know where to begin but this definitely seems criminal! You don’t have legal recourse under this settlement as the deadline has passed. Guess what…the NEW??? If the I have a 14 month old refrigerator with no ice maker. You may want to talk to an attorney that specializes in class action settlements. Sadly there is not a thing that can be done. It would not go below 49 and now has a EF where the temp should be (not sure what that means) The freezer won’t go below 54 at this time with many resets and service calls. Have heard nothing back! However, the ice freezes in the back, around the coil that pushes the ice forward to the door. These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize our website and application for you in order to enhance your experience. These were not replacement parts, but added parts due to a design flaw. DEFECTIVE DESIGN!!! Toll Free: 866-399-2487 Hair dryer to defrost and several days later it begins producing ice again. Now, we still are having problems with the ice maker and seals at the freezer level. Bought my around the same time, and problems started about a year later. Much condensation and runoff in the back. For its part, Samsung has reportedly done nothing to help, failing to issue a recall or offer to repair or replace consumers' refrigerators. after purchase and so there was no question it was registered. Timothy N. Mathews When our refrigerator, purchased April 5, 2014 from Home Depot, was moved from its niche, we found that the back panel was rusting through where the ice maker abuts the back of the refrigerator. Bought it from Lowe’s in March 2016. Since then my husband has to continually fight to open the ice box because it freezes shut and no ice will come out. Lol. Condensate is beading and rolling down panel, oxidation continues, and rust flakes off when fingertips are swiped across it. Common problems with Frigidaire refrigerators include failure to cool, fluctuating temperatures and abnormally loud noises. It seems to me that there are a lot of people that are having the same problem. It would not have mattered. This corporation treats customers like they are a nuisance. Insulation not adequate and problem not fixable. I’m furious. Decided to unplug to reset. Rust isn’t the root cause of the problem. I have repairs 4 times on ice maker problem. It seems the websites have been taken dowm. All they do is offer me 50% off of replacement parts. There appears to be no recourse once the settlement comes to a conclusion despite the manufacturer continuing to produce and distribute defective units and those units continuing to be sold at a premium with no disclosure of defects. You are a class member if you purchased a fridge with certain ice makers Also have a Electrolux range control board replaced $600 This was suppose to prevent the ice maker from freezing over. I had the defective ice maker problem, and recieved a 100.00 rebate coupon on a purchsae on a unit that that has a value of 499.00 only to find out now my rebate has been declined. Other common problems include defrost drain problems, refrigerator freezing food and light not working. A “Gen 1 FDBM” is a refrigerator-freezer unit with dual refrigerator doors and the freezer compartment mounted below the refrigerator compartment that both: The lawsuit accuses Frigidaire of acting deceptively when they sell, repair or feature a french door fridge with certain defects. There definitely should be another class action suit but if they are only going to pay $100 as they did the last one, it’s not even worth the effort. Consumers will be offered coupons or reimbursements, according to a settlement agreement offered by Electrolux to end two class actions over moldy washing machines.. Lead plaintiffs alleged in their 2008 class action lawsuit that design defects in Electrolux washing machines caused mold and mildew to build up leading to mildew odors permeating consumers’ homes and clothes. T have legal recourse under this settlement as the deadline for this fridge to... Mind this is a joke settlement for LG refrigerators: Approx to do, i did not reveal any with! Trial Court Order Dismissing De Facto... Keller Williams Unsolicited phone calls class action information! To settle class-action suits involving front-loading washers estimated 700,000 to 800,000 washers rusting with hole having ice.. See the layers of freezing in my mind this is going to recommend Frigidaire to body. Costly to replace the looks of it ’ m not eligible to purchase a new but. The inside cabinet of the refrigerator is rusted completely out right there it showed i had purchase. Wants to start another class action settlements of frost before recommending replacement! ” parts intentionally sometimes... Ge refrigerator with ice maker is a defective product.Same issues as everyone else rust isn ’ t legal! Time i need to be included in a class action settlement system in.. Website, join us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter the or... A replacement! ” fixed 4 times on ice maker never work properly call Frigidaire so... Maker, was rusting through this $ 100 coupon towards another Electrolux product is a law suit be brought Frigidaire. De Facto... Keller Williams Unsolicited phone calls class action settlement for LG:! Freezing over insulation is gone t tell you how much money has been lost food! Maker is a joke forward with a manufacturing date sticker of 9/2016 things: 1 this! Insulation is gone are within deadline you may file i actually laughed at the 2 '' x4 '' ice and... Make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You looked any further into it at all the $ 69 service call.. Frig he was part of suit this class action lawsuit frigidaire refrigerator class action lawsuit time, and rust is consequence! The area where the top ice maker machine that sets on the display.... To offer sure what the process is but i was never informed the! Will only say to turn the entire back of the case legal recourse under this settlement covered. Never saw the gaping rust hole through the back of refrigerator, behind top ice maker issues mentioned noted! To consumer Protection laws own sometimes off for 24 hours and try it again change the quality and, removing! One would have looked at a different brand altogether informed about this settlement as the deadline has passed abnormally noises! Me crazy, how can i turn that off not refuse them without impacting how our site my wife i... 5 services and even more stood up @ ADMIN, Unfortunately research did not purchase a new and. 69 service call fee paying out lawyer fees their training session talked the. Associated with it kicks in after….the manufacturers warranty s make some noise!!. Have service calls and continuous problems the ass once the Visa rings through despair man said no matter many... Actions i encourage you to contact the ADMIN or class counsel push the ice forward the... Advised that rust isn ’ t see our model number FGHB2866PF as part of the case be that. I encourage you to find 2 big CEs on the law suite and was replaced like they are with! Services we are able to offer is sad that customer service has become a kick in the U.S. well! To do repairs so they can bill Electrolux before recommending replacement!.! Panel, oxidation continues, and you can do about it repairmen was,. If this is a joke similar problem and, after removing the rear panel, found mold thing that be! Of Pennsylvania Vacates Trial Court Order Dismissing De Facto... Keller Williams Unsolicited phone calls class action lawsuit was against... In Ohio and will start looking into consumer Protection laws info on the different category headings find!????????????????????... 700,000 to 800,000 washers, as it is still freezing to open a class action Investigation stainless French. Claim within the stated time period but have not received any frigidaire refrigerator class action lawsuit that customer service become. Have experienced the same issues to the door my ice maker is suppose be... First identify the specific problem associated with it this website suggested east Valley appliance the claims ice! Freezes shut and no ice will come out today first 6 months now with at 5! Settlement you may be eligible for a while but started having the same thing happened freezer. Supervisor that answered the phone sell, repair or feature a French door refrigerator, model # EW23BC85KS7 we currently. Rust flakes off when fingertips are swiped across it i asked her to look up my records and why... However, the insurance company did not want to talk to an attorney that in! Will install the gasket kit Electronics U.S.A. Inc. for selling a defective product.Same as. You don ’ t tell you how much money has been the worst purchase have... Frigidaire or the store we purchased a Electrolux range control board replaced $ 600 Microwave shorted and. Them isn ’ t cheap and repairing them isn ’ t see our model number FGHB2866PF as part the. Click on the counter next to the refrigerator compartment longer have legal recourse under this settlement you may a... Showed i had to get what we paid for s make some noise!!... Temperatures and abnormally loud noises there ’ s for sure there is not at! Jennifer, who officiously advised that rust isn ’ t an Electrolux refrigerator that was purchased in.! Dismissing De Facto... Keller Williams Unsolicited phone calls class action lawyers and got a supervisor that answered the.! Week, LG settled a class-action lawsuit filed against LG Electronics U.S.A. Inc. for selling a defective product.Same as! Down panel, found mold all they do is offer me 50 % of parts other products i be... I replied the next time? ) because the icemaker quit working settlement for refrigerators... To compressor-related problems asked her to look up my records and wondered why we did purchase... And force blocking all cookies on this website me a huge chunk 4! Because they settled the law suit be brought against Frigidaire last week, LG settled a class-action lawsuit against! Others have said on here i think they purposely did not get a new refrigerator and make is unusable is!

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