Florida State is the only Florida law school ranked in the top 50. ************/ .expand-link:after { text-transform: uppercase; } a[href^="#pdf"], Provided below are several resources available to faculty members. .page-node-type-rooms .main .field--label { font-weight:bold; } ************/ .rooms-notech {background-color:#2C2A29; color:#fff;} .path-frontpage .nav.nav-tabs.events>li>a:hover { @media (min-width: 768px) { } display:inline-block; ************/ font-weight: bold; .field.field--name-field-related-links .field--label, .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--name-field-room-technology-status .field--item {display:block; padding:0.563em; text-transform:uppercase; background-color: #fdfcfc; font-weight:bold; margin-bottom:1em} Forgot account? content: "\f1c1"; .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--name-field-room-status .field--item iframe {margin-bottom:0.5em} .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--item { display:inline-block; } display:inline-block; display:inline-block; .event-card #fsuwidgeteventlink { margin: 10px !important; /************ margin:0; .tech-rooms .views-field-field-room-status>div {display:inline-block;} } /************ Homepage .event-list { } @media (min-width: 768px) { #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown span, cursor:auto; /************ background-color: #dacaa6; FSU Law Career Services and Professional Development Office. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest .field--label { font-weight: bold; } #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad span, margin-bottom:1em; font-family: FontAwesome; Florida State University College of Law Damon House, Room 203 Phone: 850.644.1572 Fax: 917.591.3112 fabbott@law.fsu.edu font-weight:bold; font-weight: 600; form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-type-select .select-wrapper { ************/ .region-sidebar-first .navbar li a[href^="http"]:after {font-family:'FontAwesome'; content:"\f08e"; padding-left: .5em;} /************ footer>div.container nav.nav-social a i {background-color:#782f40;} } The study ranked the scholarly impact of law faculties at schools in the top third […] #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad span, } a[href^="#pdf"] { padding-top:10px; background-color: #d5d4d4; width:100%; a[href^="http://www.law.fsu.edu"], Rooms Florida State University College of Law is regarded as one of the nation's top law schools. /* Student Ambassadors */ font-family:'FontAwesome'; Florida State University College of Law faculty members are nationally recognized for their contributions to legal scholarship and the profession. Teaching II Faculty, Director of Clinical Education & Graduate Program Director – Distan. padding: 0.75em; The Real Estate Program at FSU is one of the oldest and largest programs in the nation, and consistently secures a top spot among the nation’s universities. #main-content + .region-content li a, background-color: #e7dcc4; Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601, Administration: 850-644-3400 .rooms-alert {background-color:#ffd800;} .field.field--name-field-select-recent-publications .field--label { Admissions Office: 850-644-3787, FSU Law Accessibility MapLaw Comments or Questions, div.container {border-bottom:1px solid #e5e5e5;} } Florida State is the only Florida law school ranked in the top 50. box-shadow:1px 1px 5px #ddd; Rooms } .tech-rooms .views-field-field-lecture-capture>span, font-weight: 600; #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { display:inline} .strong { a.icon-accept:before, display:block; .event-card .start-time { a.icon-gift:before, Create New Account. Moret, Lacey. footer .s3-w>div.container>div.row {border-top:1px solid #fbfbfb} padding-left: 0.5em; .tech-rooms .views-field-field-seating-capacity>div, font-family:'FontAwesome'; U.S. News & World Report (2019) ranks the College of Law as the forty-eighth best law school in the nation. .event-card #fsuwidgeteventlink a { Admissions Office: 850-644-3787, FSU Law Accessibility MapLaw Comments or Questions, li.active>a, Skip to main content. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest span, a[href$="pdf"]:before { } font-weight: bold; form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-actions button { /*global*/ font-weight:bold; margin-right: -14px; } .tech-rooms .views-field-field-lecture-capture>span, Homepage } If you would prefer to set up a phone or Zoom consultation, email the link above, … Faculty/Staff .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-undergrad .field--label:after, #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { padding-left:0.5em} … } .strong { .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--label { font-weight:bold; display:inline-block } a[href^="#pdf"] { } line-height: 1.1; UF Levin College of Law. footer>div.container {border-bottom:1px solid #e5e5e5;} ************/ ************/ } background-color: #e7dcc4; /* Student Ambassadors */ .region-sidebar-first nav .navbar ul.navbar-nav a[href^="/alumni/class-notes"] .caret {display:none !important;} display:block; .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--name-field-room-status .field--item {display:inline-block;} content:"\f06b"; } a[href^="http://law.fsu.edu"], color: #565554; Our faculty are central to the mission of the university and the key to every university accomplishment. line-height: 1.1; #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href$="/technology-services"] { At FSU Panama City, our faculty and staff are committed to students first. /************ /************ #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { display:inline} /*-->div.container>div.row.s3-m-10 {margin:0; padding-top: 0.563em; padding-bottom: 0.563em;} In addition, our faculty takes particular pride in teaching excellence and accessibility to students. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown div, #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown span, padding: .1em .5em; /************ content:"\f077"; vertical-align: text-bottom; .path-frontpage .nav.nav-tabs.events>li>a { 425 W. Jefferson Street cursor: pointer; } content: "\f1c1"; ]]>*/, © Florida State University Information on law library services and resources for College of Law students and faculty. content:"\f06b"; .tech-rooms .views-field-field-seating-capacity>span, } #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown div { display:inline-block} Links background-color: #dacaa6; .region-sidebar-first nav .navbar ul.navbar-nav a[href^="/alumni/class-notes/"] {display:none !important;} } margin: 10px !important; content:"\f077"; form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-type-select .select-wrapper { .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown .field--label, #main-content + .region-content li a, As a member of the Honors Legal Scholars Program, students have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with FSU law faculty and administrators, observe law classes, attend law school events and lectures, and gain valuable information and insight into law school and the legal profession. The full-time program application fee at the College of Law at Florida State University is $30. Faculty of Theology de; Faculty of Law Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Faculty of Arts Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty of Physics and Astronomy Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciences #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown span, } font-size: 12px; .rooms-operational {background-color:#28b463; color:#fff;} /************ In addition, they are distinguished scholars who have published in the leading national and international law … ************/ .path-frontpage .nav.nav-tabs.events { .rooms-alert {background-color:#ffd800;} background:#fff; .path-frontpage .nav.nav-tabs.events>li.active>a, .tech-rooms .views-field-field-video-conferencing>span, padding: 0 0.25em; Payne H. and Charlotte Hodges Midyette Eminent Scholar in Risk Management & Insurance and Courtesy Professor of Law font-weight: 600; Florida State University Faculty. .path-frontpage .view-featured-stories>div.view-content { /*global*/ Our faculty directory links to each faculty member's research and contact information. content: "\f003"; This repository is a service of the College of Law’s Research Center, which, by supporting research, scholarship, and access to legal information, contributes to the mission of the law school. #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href^="http://www.fsulawreview.com/"], .cursor { ************/ or. margin-left: -14px; Copyright, Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates Program, Pave the Way: FSU Law's Student Scholarships Campaign. a[href^="http://law.fsu.edu"], .event-card .start-time { #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href$="/co-curriculars"], .field.field--name-field-select-recent-publications .field--label { form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-actions button { lmoret@fsu.edu UCC3102B (850) 644-8743. padding-top:0.75em; The members of the Law Review publish the journal four times per year from Tallahassee, Florida. Florida State University’s Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship is launching a new online major in the Master of Science program this fall to prepare students to help companies meet the demands of today but not at the expense of tomorrow. Program with a Major in Accounting /* Calendar Legacy ITS .expand-link:after { .tech-rooms .views-field-field-technology>span, Florida State a.icon-subscribe:before { .region-sidebar-first nav .navbar ul.navbar-nav a[href^="/alumni/class-notes/"] {display:none !important;} A distinctive element of the center's teaching is its emphasis on simulation. College of Law a[href^="mailto:"]:before { .tech-rooms .views-field-field-technology>div, margin-left: -14px; .event-card #fsuwidgetdatebox abbr { } font-family:'FontAwesome'; background-color:#f0ff00; .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest div { display: inline-block; } .event-card #fsuwidgetdatebox { #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest span, } padding: 0 0.25em; ]]>*/, © Florida State University color: #565554; } /* Team Members ************/ /************ /*-->div.container>div.row {border-top:1px solid #fbfbfb} .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--label { font-weight:bold; display:inline-block } content:"\f078"; Academic Support Assistant. [CDATA[/* >