Wifredo Lam (1902-82) was an extraordinary individual who lived in extraordinary times: a mixed-race Cuban, with Chinese, Spanish and African blood, his talent as a young artist was such that he won a scholarship to study fine art in Madrid. He claimed it was a painting “in which life bursts forth, unfettered, … Second supporting idea: He explores Cuba’s cultural identity through … By the end of the 1940s, Lam’s modernism would be recognized internationally and gain him critical and commercial acclaim as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. The Scandalous Jungle (1943 – 1945) The Jungle, 1943. Wifredo’s mother was a mulatto woman with some American Indian … Le Sombre Malembo, Dieu du carrefour • 1943. Wifredo Lam was born the last of nine children in 1911 to Yam Lam and his second wife.Yam Lam had immigrated to Cuba from Canton, Ohio, and was of Chinese descent. Adam and Eve • 1969. meets michel leiris a scholar lecturing on african art. 1 … Sims, Lowery Stokes. Lam’s Jungle portrays human, animal and vegetable. Sculptor Wifredo Lam were born on Monday, birthstone is Turquoise, the seaon was Fall in the Chinese year of Tiger, it is 337 days until Wifredo Lam next birthday. Not inscribed Oil on canvas, 41 1/8 x 34 1/2 (104 x 88) Purchased from the artist through the ICA (Knapping Fund) 1952 Exh: Wifredo Lam, ICA, London, April 1952 (12) as 'Ibayé' 1950 Repr: Max-Pol Fouchet, Wifredo Lam (Paris 1976), pl.435 (dated 1947) . Atlanta is not one of my favorite cities. Zambezia, Zambezia • 1950. Lam’s Jungle portrays human, animal and vegetable. Several times I have visited that city and always, despite my efforts to establish a friendly relationship with her, on leaving I have sworn not … A major early 20th-century painter, Wifredo Lam fused elements of Cubism and Surrealism with African culture in paintings that were exhibited alongside those of Pablo Picasso and other Cubists and Fauvists.A native Cuban, Lam hailed from Chinese, European, Indian, and mixed-African descent, and he was deeply … You’re a painter. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004. drawn to it. This shadow brought to Lam’s attention that there is another dimension and his artistic interests began. Jun 10, 2018 - Explore robert's board "Paint" on Pinterest. Han Gan, Night-Shining White, c. 750, Tang Dynasty, China, ink on paper, 30.8 x 34 cm (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Religious Syncretism. This Africanization of European cultures is vividly symbolized in a small drawing done by the Afro-Chinese Cuban artist Wifredo Lam in the 1940s (Fig. Coq caraïbe • 1970. In one of his most famous paintings, The Jungle … Lam … At the time of his son Wifredo’s birth, Yam Lam was already eighty-four years old. June 15 - August 31, 2008 at Museum of Latin American Art [MoLAA], Long Beach. He lives in a house that he constructed, the large windows overlooking a sculpture garden, a … The placement of these two pieces seems fitting, as Picasso had a major influence on Lam’s work, and helped shape him into a modern day avant-garde painter. Lam … 1983], p. 18, cited in Julia P. Herzberg, “Wifredo Lam: The Development of a Style and World View, the … Lam … Wifredo Lam was born on December 8th, 1902, in Sagua la Grande – a sugar producing region on the northern coast of Cuba – the year the country proclaimed itself a Republic, after a little more than three centuries of Spanish rule. Notions of Identity and Transculturalism in Wifredo Lam's The Jungle If we compare an 'African' figure by Picasso and one by the 'Picasso-period' Lam of 1938-40 with any figure (even similar to these) by the 'Cuban' Lam… Wilfredo Lam- Jungle. Her horse-mask protects and guides her on a spiritual journey. The Jungle was apparently painted in twenty days, between December 1942 and January 1943 (see Antonio Nuñez Jiménez, “Genesis de la jungle,” Plástica latino­américana: Revista de la Liga de Arte de San Juan [Mar. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2002. “Wifredo Lam. There are two forms of fresco: Buon or “wet,”and secco, meaning “dry.” Buon fresco technique consists of painting in pigment mixed with water on a thin layer of wet, fresh lime mortar or plaster. Eventually he moved to Paris and became close friends with Picasso and became a member of the Surrealist movement. immediately departs from his training. A study for Wifredo Lam’s painting “The Jungle” makes it clear why it has often been compared to Picasso’s “Les Desmoiselles D’Avignon.” Figures, abstracted but still recognizable as such, … Lam immediately began to vigorously work on paintings that would develop and become his most iconic works such as The Jungle (1944) and Femme cheval (1950), and eventually come to define his mature style. First supporting idea: Why he wants to revive black Cuban art and culture. In 1939 he joined the Surrealists and he collaborated on a book, Fata Morgana , with André Breton, who wrote the text that accompanied Lam's drawings. The ancient African faces that peer out of the Cuban jungle in his painting are universal and old. It is said that his interest into art began in 1907 when a bat shadow glided across his wall in the middle of the night. The woman resembles Lam… Sims, Lowery S. “Syncretism and Syntax in the Art of Wifredo Lam.” In Readings in Latin American Modern Art, edited by Patrick Frank, 93–97. WIFREDO LAM and CARLOS LUNA. Lam… Most of the year, starting in the early 1960s, Wifredo lives here, surrounded by his paints and the sea.