My plan was to take it out at 135 degrees for a medium roast. Seasoning Step 1 Create a rub out of salt, pepper and the following optional ingredients: onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, brown sugar and paprika. Cut into strips or small squares. I put a meat thermometer in and it reached 135 degrees 45 minutes later. You just have to learn to cook it right so it turns out tender instead of tough. It was still juicy delicious!! So on that note, if you own an oven, which I’m sure you do, buy a meat and oven thermometer. Worse, some ovens run hot, some run cold, and only a few report internal cooking temperatures accurately. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of how to cook the perfect bottom round roast, including a delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing!! Absolutely incredible! In yesterday’s review I stated that after only 1 1/2 hours of cooking the roast had already reached 130 degrees. Thanks for making it so easy to prepare this inexpensive cut of beef so well. Tons of tasty recipes ideas that can adapt to any family meal plan. Paired with sauteed herbed new potatoes and fresh green bean casserole. I like to increase the tomatoes to a 15 ½-ounce can, and I use a full green pepper and add a teaspoon of paprika." This tangy crockpot steak recipe is so easy to make. Serving a small army of hungry people. Heat a large pot over medium-high heat. Every oven cooks a bit differently, and you must adjust accordingly. Great comfort food and the whole house smells great while it's baking! Blog post at Out of Debt Again : // // Bottom round steak is an economical cut and is usually less expensive because it tends to be tough and requires special care i[..] Article by Amanda Simmons. I then scrolled through some of these reviews and read that another person had the same experience, but it took an additional 3 hours for his roast to reach the desired temperature of 135 degrees! I agree! My grandchildren who are here with us loved it. The roast was 2.9 lbs, so I let it sear for just 15 minutes, and including the searing time, it took just 4 hours to cook. Just beat the meat until tender and thin, cut into long strips, season with salt & pepper, place a strip of bacon on each strip, put a pearl onion on one end and roll up. It really depends on your roast. Today I’m doing out and buying a larger roast, plus an oven thermometer. This helps provide flavor and moisture. – sear either in cast iron or oven (cast iron works better while oven is easier, dry roast/dry pan) The packages were 6 to 7 pounds and contained three steaks each. 129. For the perfect bottom round roast, you should cook with the fat side up. This is based a lot on your oven, the specific roast, and the doneness. If I have extra time I’ll go as low as 150 myself for the perfect low and slow roast. Serve steak strips with mushrooms, onions and peppers on top. The perfect family dinner recipe! Thanks Beth, but this is not a typo, this is at 170, not the standard 375-450 which is 10-20 min/lb. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It’s the best way to preserve the tenderness and the flavor of the beef. 4 Quick Ways to Cook Bottom Round Steak Recipe for Economical Cut of Meat. Forgot the stars! Dump and bake smothered round steak the seasoned mom dump and bake smothered round steak the seasoned mom bottom round steak recipe by skunkmonkey101 cookpad onion and pepper smothered round steak recipe food network beef bottom round steak thin 0 34 2 lb com easy instant pot round steak recipes that crock easyiest method to cook round steak braised you three easy round steak meal recipes … Makes 12 burritos. I don’t recommend cooking a round roast in a slow cooker or crock pot unless you are looking for a roast that has more of a pot roast or pulled pork texture. Your email address will not be published. Based on this recipe it should take approximately 4 hours to cook. Transfer steak to a heated … No Meghan, you leave it uncovered so the roast gets that dark crust. Remove the fully thawed roast from the fridge and remove it from the packaging. You just need to dive in and learn as you go! So, we are going to cook our roast in the oven low and slow, as I mentioned. Buy it on sale for under $2 a pound. 3-4 lb fat bottom roast would take longer than a thin roast (shorter and fatter) I’m glad I read through the whole article and followed the tip to check at 1/2 point. This is my second time making this and both times it turned out great! Thanks! Right before putting it into the oven for the 20 mins, at 450, I put some left over dry run and olive oil on the fat side. You can also brine the roast in the fridge overnight. The butt if you will or beef bottom. The rule of thumb for most roasts is to. If I was doing this personally, I’d give the roast a good sear and roast in 4 hour increments between 150-170 degrees F and monitor internal temp. 4 lb outside round. slice it like roast beef, you must cook your roast in the oven. I am looking forward to trying some additional 730saagestreet recipes. Did you end up making this roast recipe? The information included in the recipe was extremely helpful. It is a fabulous recipe. Still delicious but a very different end result but nothing like an oven roast or delicious roast beef. Any thoughts on this? Sprinkle half of the dry onion soup mix in the bottom of a slow cooker. 2 hours per lb is a decent estimate but we’ve had roasts take longer and roasts take far less. About halfway through, you should reach about 125 degrees F, which will give you a better idea of your exact cooking time. Grill the large pieces, browning on all sides until nearly charred. It depends upon the thickness of the roast and your oven. Ugh! Served with a side of steamed carrots for a great, healthy meal. I had a 3.24 pounder. Add the vegetables. What is your recommendation as far as cooking time for that size? Put into a mortar then crush it. Cooking your steak in a Crock Pot or the oven can help turn this tough cut of meat into a juicy, tender dish. Also my oven doesn’t go any lower than 170…thanks for any tips! And instead of mashed potatoes, you can go low carb and pair this with a combination of oven-baked veggies like asparagus, carrots, and onion. I checked it at 1.5 hours and to my horror it was at 160 degrees. I prefer to use either a Santoku Knife or an 8-Inch Chef’s Knife (these are my Amazon affiliate links). Dredge each piece in flour mixture, pressing to coat with as much flour as possible Rub the entire roast with a dry rub Also, it is always a good idea to check a roast at the midway point. @kirvin@coupons, you’re welcome and thank you! Your family will love smothered steak crock pot recipe. I lowered the temperature to 170 degrees. I usually cook at medium heat – we have an electric stove and the dial reads from Lo to 9, with 5 being right in the middle. This is part of the magic and you literally can not buy this kind of flavor. This will cook a bottom round roast to barely medium-rare. It tasted great but would have preferred a much less done roast. It is the best way to cook round steak. Low and slow is the way to go! So what do you do? If I’m running a little low on time can Increase the oven temperature? Do you know how to cook a bottom round roast, so it isn’t tough? I made a wonderful gravy with the drippings and served it slathered in the gravy on top of a cauliflower and parsnip puree. We will be eating this again and again! For instance, I’ll often cook at my mom’s house, and after my first overdone roast, I had to make adjustments. Salt and pepper to taste. When cooking roasts, we want that gloriously browned exterior, the crust, but still juicy inside. Then add the cooking oil. What do you think? But a bottom round roast is still beef, and if you cook it properly, it can taste delicious and fairly tender. This is one of my favorite "tried and true" recipies from my Mom. My roast cooked more quickly than expected, but checking with a thermometer saved the meal. My Wife made this for us using an inexpensive bottom round roast and I want you to know it was the Best roast beef I have ever tasted. This helps provide moisture and flavor, which are so important for these more affordable cuts of meat. Was really good 3 lbs needed only 90 mins after the 20 mins at 450, very good did in a cast iron pan and made gravy from pan juices. You really need to be diligent about checking the internal temperature regularly to ensure you don’t over-cook your roast. I’m hoping it could be done by 7:30 Any tips on what I should do? Great recipe. Again, it won’t be as tender as steaks or other cuts of beef, but it won’t be tough either. I am excited to try this and Glad you mentioned elevation..I am in Denver CO Burb ,at like 5300 always at a loss where to check meat time living here .I really want this to come out and not be a,waste ! Select a well-trimmed cut that is not overly dark. And to answer your question, yes, I’ve cooked roasts overnight that are super tender. Mrs. Notes: Turned out perfect. Mash the avocadoes. Great flavor! Submitted by: WRITINMYSTORY. If you continue to use this site you accept these conditions. This helps retain the tenderness and ensures the roast does not dry out. I then lowered temp to 170 and set a 3 hour timer so I could check the temp. Is it OK to add liquids to the bottom of the pan such as a small amount of water to help cook the vegies? Had bottom chuck in my freezer, took it out this morning to thaw and defrost. Rub the seasonings over the entire surface of the roast - top, bottom and all sides. This looks delicious. And given you mentioned it is cut thin, you’ll have way more surface, so it will cook faster. If you are looking to. Served with a side of steamed carrots for a great, healthy meal. Trim all the fat from the meat, then cut … While gas and electric have similar cooking times, convection times are often reduced by 25% or more. Remove the roast from the fridge and remove its packaging. About a month ago bottom round steak went on sale for $1.77 at a local grocery store. I changed nothing. My guests raved about how tender it was. Homemade low carb and keto recipes that are quick and easy. I was having a hard time finding a recipe for my 2.7 lb roast but came across your comment and it came out at a temp of 147!! Fitness Activity Printable for Kids, Low Carb Cheeseburger Pie – Easy & Delicious. Add the jalapeno at this time also, if you like your food with a kick. A well described blog step by step. Canola oil and 2 tbsp. “Roasting slowly is where all the good stuff happens,” says Jim Swenson, who has been executive chef at the National Press Club in Washington for 17 years. – tent for 10-15 before carving, slice the meat against the grain. This is more like braising and often referred to as pot-roasting. Brush the entire surface of the bottom round roast with oil. The catch was you had to buy the family pack. Fold and eat. Some people recommend letting beef come to room temperature before cooking. Western Steak. You’d truly need either a lot of experience to pull this off or heavily modify the original recipe. Last part “Nutrition Facts” seems very helpful for me. So instead of dinner being on the later side, it ended up being on the earlier side which was fine because what else is there to do during this pandemic but eat! Required fields are marked *, Healthy recipes, Cooking tips, and stellar freebies (!!). It was still light pink in middle. I made this yesterday and it was amazing. Then got home and wondered how I was going to cook it. It makes inexpensive cuts of meat taste delicious just by using your crockpot. Basically it requires you to cut the meat thinly. Wow, yes, definitely! It came out a perfect medium rare and was delicious.! ). This is one of my favorite "tried and true" recipies from my Mom. with salt and pepper.